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Serving Jacksonville, NC and the surrounding areas with excellent PC support.

In todays connected world computers run everything, literally. Unless you live off the grid in the middle of nowhere computers are an essential part of life and when they’re not working neither are you. Everything from automobiles to zero-turn mowers have some sort of computer system in them.



Down time is critical in the business world and quite often technicians will make quick fixes to temporarily resolve a problem. Over time these quick fixes turn into huge downtime and abudant cost to repair the right way. Don’t waste your time with the quick fix.  Get it done right and get it done right away.

Core PC Solutions has over 10 years of experience in the IT industry in fields across the board. We have experience in Unix and Linux server administration, network engineering, general troubleshooting, malware removal and avoidance, voice-over-IP services, data recovery, data forensics, on-site and off-site backup systems and much much more.  There is no job we can’t do, only jobs we haven’t done yet!